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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Being a Family Child Care Professional Family child care is a special profession for those who love young children. As a profes­ sional family child care provider, you must balance the skills required to care for children with those required to operate your business. Here are some tips that will keep your family child care business as healthy and successful as possible: • Learn the child care regulations for your area, and follow them. • Join your local family child care association. • Sign up with your local child care resource and referral agency. • Join the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). • Find good professional advisers (such as a tax professional, insurance agent, and lawyer). • Participate in training to acquire and improve your professional skills. Additional Resources Redleaf Press (; 800-423-8309) publishes resources for family child care professionals. Redleaf Press offers the following publications to support your business: • Starting a family child care business: Family Child Care Business Planning Guide • Promoting your business: Family Child Care Marketing Guide, 2nd edition • Creating contracts and policies: Family Child Care Contracts and Policies, 3rd edition Sharing in the Caring: Agreement Packet for Parents and Providers The Redleaf Complete Forms Kit for Family Child Care Professionals • Keeping accurate records and filing your taxes: Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide, 8th edition The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper: A Record-Keeping System for Family Child Care Professionals Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer Family Child Care Tax Companion • Reducing business risks: Family Child Care Legal and Insurance Guide • Managing your money and planning for retirement: Family Child Care Money Management and Retirement Guide COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL