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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL The Tax Organizer The Tax Organizer is a series of worksheets that help you organize all the income and expenses for your family child care business and show you where to enter the informa­ tion on your tax forms. After you complete the Tax Organizer, cut it out and save it with your other tax records for the current tax season. Because the tax laws change constantly, do not use this Tax Organizer for any year other than 2013. If you plan to give this Tax Organizer to your tax preparer, show it to the preparer before you start recording information. Some tax preparers have their own tax organizer that they will ask you to use, but ask your tax preparer if you can use this one instead. This Tax Organizer can help your tax preparer better understand the deductions that you’re entitled to claim for your child care business and can save her a lot of time as she completes your tax return. Before you give your completed Tax Organizer to your tax preparer, be sure to make a copy for your records. Once your tax return is complete, review the deductions in your Tax Organizer and make sure that they’ve all been entered on your tax forms. If it appears that any of the deductions you listed aren’t included, ask the tax preparer why. There are several record-keeping books that can help you record and organize your tax records, including the following: Redleaf Calendar-Keeper Inventory-Keeper Mileage-Keeper If you use these products to track your income and expenses throughout the year, you will be able to complete this Tax Organizer much more quickly (and your tax return will be more accurate). Each part of the Tax Organizer explains how to get the information from these other tools and enter it in the Tax Organizer. Let’s start with some identifying information: Name __________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Social Security or employer ID number________________________________________ 27 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL