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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 8 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer Providing Receipts for Parent Payments There are three types of receipts that you can use, as shown in the examples below. 1. One type of receipt is Form W-10, which shows the amount paid and the parent’s signature. Keep a copy of all the Form W-10s that you fill out. You can also fill out copies of Form W-10 and give them to parents in January each year. (See the example below.) Parents find this helpful, and it’s a professional touch that many will appreciate. There’s a blank copy of Form W-10 in the back of this book that you can use. 2. Another option is to use a standard book of sales receipts that you can buy in a stationery or office supply store. (See the example below.) 3. You can also use the receipts in the Family Child Care Business Receipt Book, which are designed especially for family child care providers. (See the example below.) COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL