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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL x Family Child Care Tax Companion can still deduct all other business expenses, such as food, toys, supplies, depreciation on furniture and appliances, car expenses, and so on. If you are operating illegally but have applied to be licensed before the end of the year, you can deduct expenses as if you were licensed as long as your application has not been denied. Record-Keeping and Tax Preparation Tools This book is part of an integrated set of books and other tools that provide a complete record-keeping and tax preparation system for family child care providers. Here’s an introduction to the tools and how they work together. Keeping Your Records • The Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide will help you learn about the business records that you need to keep and help you identify over 1,000 deductions for your business. • The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper, Mileage-Keeper, Business Receipt Book, and Inventory-Keeper will help you track your income, expenses, payments, and depre- ciable property. Preparing Your Taxes • Method 1: Do your own taxes. Use the Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer for the current tax year. It includes a Tax Organizer with detailed instruc- tions for filling out your tax forms and many examples; it also includes blank tax forms that you can tear out and copy. • Method 2: Hire a tax professional. Use the Family Child Care Tax Companion for the current tax year to help you find and work with a tax professional, gather and organize the information she will need, and double-check your return before it is submitted. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL