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I Introduction Design 8 How Is the Understanding Toddlers and Twos Workbook Designed for Training? The workbook is designed so participants will i Experience active learning by participating in discussions, solving problems, applying new knowledge to their current work situation, and getting re-energized about working in the early childhood field i Connect their current knowledge with the new material and have opportunities to talk about and share common concerns and issues regarding team building i Gain practical knowledge and tips that they can begin using in their programs immediately How to Use Understanding Toddlers and Twos in Trainings? You can use this book for a variety of training needs and situations. Here are some examples: Group of teachers from a classroom i Partnership of several programs i Administrative team i Community outreach i Lunch and learn i Recruiting tool i Staff meeting i Local conference i winning ways i In-service day I Self-Assessment How Much Do You Understand about Toddlers? Take the following self-assessment to see how much you understand about toddlers. With toddlers’ on-the-go approach to life and seemingly independent spirit, it’s easy for early childhood professionals to think you know them. As a veteran early childhood professional, when I created the self-assessment, I was reminded and amazed about toddler development and surprised me to learn through research a few things I didn’t know. As you read each of the statements below and circle the frequency that best describes your understanding of tod- dlers, try to focus on how this information can help you improve your interac- tions with them. Be honest with yourself. Just because you know something is good for toddlers doesn’t mean you always do it. Understanding your current