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Toddlers and Twos Are Amazing I 13 Toddlers never stop moving. A toddler’s response: “I do like to move, but I always wonder why adults like to sit so much. My body can do so many things, and I want to use it to run and jump and climb. Why did you stop moving?” The Real Scoop on Toddlers Messy means toddlers are exploring the world. “I have to touch, taste, and smell everything to really learn. Imagine trying to learn how to use the computer if no one ever let you touch the keys.” Stubborn means toddlers are determined. “You’ll admire my tenacity when I’m older.” Unable to share means toddlers are learning autonomy. “Learning to have control over things and the world makes me feel independent.” Not a good listener means toddlers are passionate about life and learning. “I am often more interested in learning about the world than getting a task completed.” Gets frustrated means toddlers are learning to communicate. “Until I can talk, read, and write, I’ll have to tell you things in the best way I can.” Never stops moving means toddlers are whole-body learners. “I am learning how to use my body and I like to practice a lot.” Throws tantrums, hits, and bites means toddlers are learning social skills. “Seems to me the easiest way to get something is to take it. I’m just learning all the rules of life.” Adults get frustrated too. I’ve always wanted to lie down in the grocery store aisle and kick and scream. I just haven’t done it yet. How about you? understanding toddlers and twos Toddlers throw tantrums, hit, and bite. A toddler’s response: “How can I tell others what I want if I can’t talk? Use your words, you say, but hitting and bit- ing seem to work better. I don’t like tantrums, either, but once I get started, I can’t seem to stop. I need you to help me learn how to have more self-control.”