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Toddlers and Twos Are Amazing Jump Kick Kiss Knock away Knock down Knock over Lead Listen Look Look for Make sounds Match Meander Measure Mix Mouth Nest Operate simple machines Order Paint Pile Pinch Play Pour Pull up Put Put in Put together Reach for Reach out React to others Read symbols Rearrange Recognize people and things Rock Roll See Select Separate Set up Shake Sift Sit up Slide Smear Smell Solicit Sort Splash Squeeze Stack Swing Take apart Take out Taste Tear Test others Touch Transfer from one hand to the other Transform Transport Tumble Turn Use tools Walk Watch That’s a lot of things that toddlers can do. Can you do everything on the list? Doing some of those things is even hard for me at my age. Toddlers are amaz- ing, aren’t they? 11 understanding toddlers and twos Drop Dump Eat Engage in doll play Examine Experiment endlessly Explore with each sense Fall Feel Fill Find Follow directions Gather Grasp Hang Hear Help Help themselves to wash, eat, dress Hide Hold Hug Imitate adult behavior Imitate familiar acts Imitate sounds and simple actions Inspect Investigate by trial and error I