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1 I 1 I think toddlers are capable of doing many things. I Always I Usually I Sometimes I Never Toddlers and Twos Are Amazing Are Toddlers Really Terrible? Don’t Believe it! Of all the age groups in early childhood education, I think tod- dlers get, the worst reputation and unnecessarily so. Are toddlers really terrible? Absolutely not, and I take great offense at that com- monly held myth, having been a toddler teacher myself for many years. Toddlers are learning to be independent, how to socialize, and how the world works. Toddlers and twos are amazing. 123 Things Toddlers Can Do Babble Bang Be alone Be friends Burrow Carry Clap Climb Climb around Climb in Climb on top Climb over Climb through Climb under Climb up Collect Converse Coo Count Crawl in I 10 Crawl out Crawl over Crawl to Create Creep Cuddle Dam up Dig Discover Draw Drip