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Introduction I 7 Using This Book Understanding Preschoolers is divided into seven topics that you can read in their entirety or you can select a topic that helps with an issue where you need guidance. Although reading the entire book will give you the greatest insight into understanding preschoolers, each area stands alone as an educational or training tool. Here’s what the book covers: 1 How Preschoolers Learn Best 3 Interacting with Preschoolers 4 How Preschoolers Communicate 5 Helping Preschoolers with Separation 6 Helping Preschoolers Learn to Rest and Relax 7 Guiding Preschoolers’ Behavior Is the Understanding Preschoolers Workbook Intended for Group or Individual Use? Either way works great! You can use Understanding Preschoolers as a training tool for use with a group or on your own. Either way, read through the appro- priate content and complete the exercises throughout and at the end. Jotting down your answers will give you the greatest benefit from the workbook. If you are in a training group, having a written answer to refer to often helps you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts during the meeting. understanding preschoolers 2 Helping Preschoolers Succeed