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I 6 Introduction They have rich fantasy play and imagination and can even confuse fantasy with reality. I heard a preschooler once respond to another preschooler, “Yes, I will pretend I am a horse, if I can change back.” Are you ready to learn more about understanding preschoolers? They will surprise you. Who Should Read and Use the Understanding Preschoolers Workbook? Understanding Preschoolers is intended for anyone who works with or is thinking about working with preschoolers and anyone who works with adults who works with preschoolers: Veteran Educators Those who never tire of being with preschoolers, have been preschool teachers for life, and can honestly claim, “I love them all,” even the ones about whom most of us give a little sigh of relief when they are absent. New Teachers Those of you who have just started working with preschoolers and often question, especially in the midst of the children constantly yelling your name and running about with endless energy, “What am I doing here?” Career Seekers Those who are considering becoming preschool teachers. The early childhood field needs trained, enthusiastic, active individuals to care for and educate preschoolers. College Students Adult students in early childhood programs in colleges winning ways and universities. Trainers Early childhood professionals facilitating seminars and workshops. Professors Academics teaching adult students in early childhood programs in colleges and universities. Program Supervisors Directors and other administrators who want to better support and train the staff in their preschool program. Stressed-out Teachers Those of you who are burning out or giving in and need new ideas and encouragement for your preschool programs. Parents Parents of preschoolers, who in today’s complicated world need support and advice on guiding their children and responding to behavioral issues.