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Introduction What’s the Understanding Preschoolers Workbook All About? Welcome to the Winning Ways book Understanding Preschoolers. This book is one of three in the continuing series that includes Understanding Infants, Understanding Toddlers and Twos, and Understanding Preschoolers. You can read all three or work with the one that best equips you as an early childhood professional. The workbook is designed to help you i Develop a better understanding of the growth and development of preschoolers i Improve your interactions with preschoolers i Help you create a more preschooler-appropriate routine and program i Appreciate preschoolers and their unique personalities and temperaments Who Are Preschoolers? For the purpose of this book, preschoolers are considered children from three to five years of age, not yet ready for kindergarten, but excited about learning. Some schools group preschoolers according to age, such as threes and fours, and others mix age groups. The fours are often known as PK, which stands for prekindergarten. However you group preschoolers, they are eager to explore. Preschoolers can better express their needs—compared with toddlers and twos—given their greater command of language, but they are still struggling to gain self-control. They need clear, simple rules to understand boundaries. I 5