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How Preschoolers Learn Best I 19 Dramatic Play or Pretend Center i Kitchen area with small plates, cups, toy food i Baby dolls and toy pets i Handbags, small suitcases, backpacks i Dress-up clothes for role-playing police officer, dad, mom, fire fighter, doctor i Theme pretend centers such as grocery store, restaurant, bank Music Center i Peg-boards i i Toy planes, cars, and animals Purchased or donated instru- ments designed for children i Coffee can or oatmeal container shakers or drums i Shoebox and rubber band string instruments i Xylophones i Bongos i Sewing or lacing cards i Locks and keys i Stringing beads Nature i i Plastic magnifying glasses and rocks, leaves, or other things from nature Magnets and magentized and nonmagnetized things i Prisms i Different shapes and types of tubing and small balls i Small finger puppets i Hand puppets i Puppet stage with curtains i Paper bag puppets i Props for puppet shows Tape measures i Puppet Center Puzzle Center i Floor puzzles i Wooden puzzles i Easy interlocking puzzles i “I spy” pictures i Dominoes understanding preschoolers Manipulative Center