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I 18 Chapter 1 Active Play Center i Inside slide i Inside climbing equipment Art Center i Painting with water on colored paper i Balance beam i Sticking things on contact paper i Mats for tumbling i Collage items i Tunnel to crawl through i Playdough i Markers and paper Block Center i Wooden blocks with toy farm animals or other props i Cardboard brick blocks with trucks or other props i Book Center Books for children to choose and read i Interesting places for children to read, such as a loft or an empty wading pool with pillows Large interlocking blocks i Felt board and felt pieces i winning ways i Empty boxes of various sizes i Photo albums of children in class, families, field trips i Foam blocks i Books on cassette or CD for children to read and listen to Computer Center i Several computers, if possible i Child-friendly and appropriate software i Two chairs per computer so children can work and interact together i Sign-up sheet and timer so children can take turns i Older, nonoperable computer with keyboard for dramatic play