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How Preschoolers Learn Best 7 Room has few places for children to physically explore. 1      2      1      2      3      2      3      1      2      11 Routines and rituals are based on “the school’s way.” 1      2      4      5 Children are encouraged to be active. 3      10 Care-giving routines are managed efficiently in assembly-line fashion. 5 4      5 Care-giving routines are valued as prime times for learning. 3      4      5 Routines and rituals are based on children’s preferences and families’ values. 3      4      Creating an Educational Preschool Classroom 14 Must-Have Learning Centers for Preschoolers Well-organized learning centers allow children to make choices, play indepen- dently, and explore and discover the world around them. Check the learning centers and items that you have in your preschool program and circle those in the following lists that you need to add. 5 understanding preschoolers 1      4      Continual responsive conversations take place between teachers and children. 9 Children are mostly soothed and encouraged to be quiet. 17 Teachers create distinct places for children to climb on, under, and in. 8 Teachers tell children what to do and limit talking. I