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I 16 Chapter 1 How Do You Help Children Learn? Working with preschoolers requires a flexible, knowledgeable professional. Take a look at the statements below and assess yourself by circling a number on the continuum. The first statement on each line is associated with more conventional preschool teaching, and the second statement is focused on developing an environment and curriculum that promotes learning. Where do you stand? Acknowledging and implementing more of the second statements (for example, “Teachers develop learning centers” and “Children are encour- aged to be active”) maximizes learning for preschoolers. 1 Learning is associated with teacher-directed activities. 1      2      Teachers support children’s learning through daily experiences. 3      2 Children play with toys/do activities. 1      2      winning ways 1      2      1      2      3      1      2      3      1      2      4      5 4      5 Learning and caring are integrated. 3      6 Room has limited large-motor and sensory play. 5 Teachers create logical, picture-labeled shelving. 5 Learning and caring are viewed as separate. 4      Teachers develop learning centers. 4 Teachers place things haphazardly on shelves. 5 Children explore/discover. 3      3 Teachers put out toys. 4      4      5 motor and sensory play predominate. 3      4      5