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I 12 Chapter 1 Helping Preschoolers Learn Best Consider what you just read about preschoolers and think about how you can enhance the children’s experience in your program. Preschoolers want to learn. Preschoolers like to touch things to learn. What can children touch in your program? Preschoolers need a safe environment that they can explore independently. Do children get many opportunities for free play? How can you increase this time? Preschoolers like to move. Preschoolers use their whole bodies to learn. What do you do that allows children to get up and move? winning ways Preschoolers need a balance of active and quiet activities. What do you plan that is active? What do you plan that is quiet? Preschoolers are excited about almost everything. Preschoolers need a chance to explore with materials such as glue and paint before they actually make something. How do you let them explore?