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From the Desk of Gigi Schweikert Dear Winning Ways Reader (and Infant Teacher), Recently my ten-year-old son asked me, “What’s your favorite thing in the whole world besides me?” (I like the “besides me” part.) “That’s easy,” I quickly responded. “Babies. Babies are my favorite thing in the whole world, That’s me besides you, of course. I just love babies.” So my son d most, wor oing what I love did a Google Images search for infants, and we spent the king with children. next hour marveling at the photographs. The way they look with their wide eyes of curiosity and awe of the world. Babies seem to make everyone smile. But working with infants is more than just thinking they’re adorable. Being an infant teacher requires knowing and understanding infants, observing them closely, and responding appropriately to their subtle and not-so-subtle cues. An infant who is crying loudly is trying to tell you something. Being an infant educator is also an emotionally and physically demanding job. There’s no nap- time in the infant room! Whether you’re new to the field or a veteran infant teacher, I think you’ll like reading this Winning Ways book, Understanding Infants. You’ll learn a few fascinating facts. I did while working on it. And you’ll be reminded of how important your job as an early childhood professional really is. You provide infants with the care and nurturing that they need to grow and flourish. You really do make a difference. After you finish reading Understanding Infants, please send me your own thoughts, ideas, and stories about working with babies at www.gigischweikert .com. I’d love to hear them. Children deserve our Winning Ways,