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I 16 Chapter 1 It’s hard to grasp the immense amount of input and learning that is tak- ing place for the infant in the first year of life. But it’s not just learn- ing; it’s the formation of the framework for learning. Think about it like this. The hard drive of a computer sets the parameter of the computer’s capabilities. The bigger the hard drive, the more the computer can do. The infant’s brain is like the formation of an amazing hard drive. All that talk about computers and brains makes it sound like flashcards, worksheets, and teacher instruction will make all the difference for infants. Actually, that’s not the case at all. Infants need positive, predictable, nurturing interac- tions in a language-filled setting. Next, I describe positive ways that you can better help infants during this critical time. I Optimize Your Knowledge winning ways 1 Explain why you believe people do not always value the work of those caring for infants.