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I 12 Chapter 1 i Model, Super i Sports figure, Nike i ________________________ i ________________________ What’s Behind Your Title? Most early childhood professionals know and support the idea that well- trained teachers who continue learning throughout their careers provide better-quality education and care for infants. Although it is not necessary to have a degree or certification—I’ve seen some amazing teachers without them—even highly credentialed infant teachers can improve with further education. I suggest starting with the CDA or Child Development Associate. With that said, what’s behind your title? If I asked you to take out your busi- ness card, what would I find at the end of your name? I know—you’re think- ing, “I don’t even have a business card.” But if you did, what would be behind your name? Circle the best answer below. winning ways BS CDA BA PhD MA ED Nothing If you circled the word Nothing, that’s not true. And even if you circled the majority of the degrees listed, I have an honorary degree for you all, an NDS. You are a neurodevelopmental specialist. Someone who helps develop the brains of infants. Really. Early Childhood Field, Inc. An NDS for You You are  . . . ____________________________ i An NDS 101 Winning Ways Drive i A Neurodevelopmental Specialist i An Early Childhood Professional, NDS         (your name here) Anywhere there is a child town, throughout 1.800.000.0000 ______, NDS the world 01234-5678 The Role of a Neurodevelopmental Specialist, NDS i Get those 100 billion brain cells moving. i Have real conversations with children. i Play with children. i Read to children.