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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 13 Connecting with Nature Purpose To familiarize children with the natural world   Materials Various  Procedure A curriculum that includes nature as part of its framework is all- inclusive and provides a path to connecting with the natural world. Use these ideas to connect children with nature: • Freshersize. Get outside and play. • Start a nature journal, keeping track of kids’ observations in writings and pictures. • Go on a bird-watching hike. Make pretend binoculars out of recycled cardboard tubes taped together, and add yarn with a hole punch. Bring along a real, quality pair of binoculars so the children can take turns using them. Record your observations in the nature journal. • Read It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw (1988). Bring a camera outside, and take photos of clouds the children have noticed. Then ask them to describe what the clouds look like. Use the photos to make a cloud collage display. • Bring a bug house outside so the children can practice a catch- and-release bug game. • Ask community volunteers to keep the outdoor play area clean and free of litter. • Move indoor activities, like easel painting, story time, snack, dance, and music, outdoors when weather permits. • Celebrate the changing seasons. 20  Chapter 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL