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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL introdUCtion Why this Book is needed A recent report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop calls for the development of high-quality resources to support teachers in imple- menting technology in thoughtful, intentional ways in classrooms (Barron et al. 2011). Meanwhile, the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center (2012) have also recently released their position statement on developmentally appropriate technology use in early childhood programs for children from birth to age eight. The position state- ment thoughtfully highlights important elements for practitioners to consider when implementing technology. Teachers need to consider how they select, use, and integrate technology with the nontechnological tools they are already using. They also need to consider how they will evaluate strategies in terms of effectiveness. The statement includes recommended guidelines for the imple- mentation of particular strategies for given ages and development levels. This book is designed to address the components of the NAEYC and FRC position statement and also respect the wide-ranging skills that teachers possess. My hope is that it provides teachers with a set of tools to engage children with technology to support learning. In classrooms, teachers and children can embrace new technologies to enhance the way they gather, share, analyze, create, apply, and assess informa- tion. The technologies available can be used in a whole host of ways that open doors to a multitude of possibilities. A digital voice recorder Brian Puerling and Chip Donohue of the Erikson Institute discuss common questions about and opportunities with today’s technologies. (www.redleafpress .org/tech/n-1.aspx) used by doctors and FBI agents to record conclusions and next steps can also be used by teachers to record conversa- tions between children. An iPad, used at home to organize to-do and shopping lists, can be used in a classroom to quickly gather anecdotal notes on children in a class to be immediately sent to grade-level team members or other professionals. Technologies of our world are evolving at an astonishing rate. When Steve Jobs passed away in the fall of 2011, many were shocked and wondered what would happen to the pace of our technology development. The glass entrances of Apple stores across the country became tiled in notes by people thanking Mr. Jobs for his brilliance and for what xx Order Teaching in the Digital Age Today COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL