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Contents Acknowledgments Introduction ix Using This Book vii x About the Book and the Video xi General Discussion Questions for Chapters on Biases 1. The Four Goals for an Anti-Bias Approach 2. Eight Guiding Assumptions 3. Bias Related to Age xii 1 7 23 4. Bias Related to Gender 27 5. Bias Related to Sexual Orientation 6. Bias Related to Economic Class 33 39 7. Bias Related to Physical Abilities and Characteristics 8. Bias Related to Race and Ethnicity 53 9. Classroom Strategies for an Anti-Bias Approach Appendices 69 73 A. Guidelines for Facilitators 75 B. Checklist for Creating and Assessing Anti-Bias Environments C. Ten Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Sexism and Racism 97 D. Photograph Games for an Anti-Bias Approach 103 E. Guidelines for Challenging Racism and Other Forms of Oppression 107 F. Practice Responding to Bias 109 G. Resources for an Anti-Bias Approach Index 141 45 113 83