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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction  1 Taking a Stand for Reflective Teaching  2 An Alternative to Standardization: Teaching as Research  3 The Value of Reflection  4 chapter 1 Are You a Reflective Teacher?  5 chapter 2 A Model to Support Reflective Teaching  12 chapter 3 Getting Started  25 Assess Yourself  5 What Is Reflective Teaching?  6 A Reflective Teacher at Work  6 Characteristics of Reflective Teaching  8 A Reflective Model  13 Time for Focused Dialogue  14 Communities of Practice  14 Facilitators and Critical Friends  16 Reflective Protocols  19 Planting the Seed  27 Considerations for Structuring Your Community  28 Examples of Community of Practice Structures  30 From Group to Community  33 Stopping in the Middle to Listen  33 Setting Agreements  36 A Reflective Community of Practice at Work  37 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL  vii