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This program combines sing-alongs and video clips to demonstrate how to integrate music with the rest of your curriculum. A leader’s guide, 42 pgs., is included. Age focus: 0–8. CD and DVD, 28 min. Curriculum Connections: Using Music to Help Children Learn #557081-X $99.95 CD- ROM NEW! CD- ROM Seven concept clips providing powerful teaching strategies for using music in the classroom. CD-ROM, 35 min. Curriculum Connections: Using Music to Help Children Learn Concept Clips #558729-X $99.95 Curriculum/Music & Movement NEW! Build stronger literacy programs Groove, move, learn More than 700 rhymes, fingerplays, and songs Share your love of language and promote children’s imagination, coordination, and listening skills. Age focus: 2–6. The Complete Book Softbound, 512 and CD Set of Rhymes, pgs., and 2 CDs. Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants #417201-X $44.95 Move It! 180 songs, fingerplays, rhymes, and games A sturdy box filled with musical activities and planning suggestions. Age focus: 0–6. The Music Box #700381-X $49.95 101 rhyming games, chants, songs, and more Quick and easy activities to get kids thinking, laughing, and moving. Age focus: 3 and up. Inspire children to move to classical music Use songs to help children learn about movement sequences, explore personal space, and discover inner feelings connected to expressive musical selections and movements. Age focus: 3–8. Move It! Guidebook, DVD, and CD with 20 tracks. #722501-X $44.95 Fingerplays and Rhymes in a Jar #191054-X $9.95 Move It 2! Guidebook, DVD, and CD with 18 tracks. Nursery rhymes, songs, and stories for babies Promote early development with more than 350 rhymes and songs, stories, and insights on development. Age focus: 0–2. Softbound, 256 pgs., CD, 36 songs. CD- ROM #722401-X $44.95 CD- Save more than R $9 OM when you buy the set What’ll I Do With the Baby-o? #866664-X $39.95 Includes Move It! and Move It 2! #722601-X $79.95 Shop Online at CD- ROM 49