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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Acknowledgments We thank: Ronni Rowland and Brandy Ward for invaluable research and assistance; early childhood education colleagues Kay Albrecht, Sharon Bergen, Cindy Croft, Deb Crowl, Bess Emanuel, Deb Habedank, David Heath, Charlotte Hendricks, Angela Jensen, Kyla McSweeney, Lisa Polk, Diane Purcell, Roz Quest, Linda Sakrismo, Susan Snider, Teri Talan, Holly Turner, Ken Wood, and Reva Wywadis and insurance agents Liz Downs, Debe Marofsky, Rex Dachenbach, Chel Buttchen, John Oliver, and Don Morgan for insightful feedback; Marie Ellen Larcada for being our patient editor at Teachers College Press. xi COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL