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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments I give my heartfelt thanks to Janet for her gentle strength, Debra for her lightning-quick intellect, Luis for his joyful heart, and David Heath and Kyra Ostendorf for believing in us. I am grateful also to Marina Colonas, Wendy Dunning Carter, Sue Bald- win, Elizabeth Kendall, Arthur B. LaFrance, Sr. Madeline Birmingham, Dr. Michael Gonta, Dr. Alicia Smith, Dr. Kay Albrecht, Lily and Nick Bruno-​ Hymoff, and Richard Harrison—as well as my fellow twelve-step travelers for reminding me of all things beautiful and true. Holly Elissa Bruno To the folk in the early childhood education (ECE) field who negotiated the bumps to help eradicate the “babysitter” label and turn us into the profes- sionals we are! To Kyra Ostendorf and David Heath for their vision, encouragement, sup- port, and push to get us to write this book. To my fellow copresenters/coauthors who make everything we do together interesting, fun, and educational. Janet Gonzalez-Mena To my fantastic family, teachers, and mentors who unknowingly provided direction, guidance, and a sense of joy for all that is ahead. To all the teachers, students, and families I’ve met throughout my career, a sincere thank-you for keeping me humble and real. To my dear book colleagues for providing encouragement, support, and an occasional kick in making this creation possible. To all the readers and users of this book for keeping the passion and joy in early learning alive and interesting. Luis Antonio Hernandez COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL    xiii