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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR Y our F a m ily - T ea m TABLET L ead setting. Several safety issues prevent Susan’s environment from being an appropriate child care setting, including electrical outlet covers that have been removed and not replaced. The bathroom Susan has designated for child care has a broken safety latch on the cabinet, making medicines and other hazardous materials accessible to children. Much to Susan’s embarrassment, when she is about to show the visitor her son’s bedroom, they are greeted by a large sign on the door: Do Not Enter! Private Property! The visitor explains to Susan that it is impossible to enroll her in the system until Susan demonstrates that all the safety and space issues are resolved. Susan feels blindsided. How has this happened? Challenge: Ensuring Cooperation from Family Members Being a well-informed, enthusiastic business owner focused on success is unquestionably important to your role as a child care provider. It is equally important for anyone sharing your child care environment to be well informed and enthusiastic about the important job you are doing. What has happened in Susan’s case is rooted in poor communication with her family members. Although she understands her objectives in open- ing the child care business, she has not given her family the opportunity to express their opinions. Susan does not seem to understand that no one can more quickly sabotage the success of her family child care business than her own household’s members. This is true not only of a provider just start- ing her business but also those of you who have long-established child care businesses. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 3