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q s n COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Good Morning to You Unknown Source | CD Track 1 | Song Card Page 98 G C G [Good morning, good morning], [good morning] to you, G7 D7 G [Good morning] to [someone] who’s [wearing the color blue]. G C G Greetings and Good-byes [Good morning, good morning], [good morning] to you, 10 G7 D7 G [Good morning] to [Ashley], who’s wearing the color [yellow]. Using the Song Greeting children as they arrive with this song is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day. Likewise, if you want to use this song at the end of the day, use it to reassure children and their families that their teachers and friends will be happy to see them again soon. These very important times contribute to strengthening relationships with the children and their families. Use this time to connect with individual children by singing a verse to each child as they put away their belongings. Some children might need more than a verse to feel comfortable and transition into the day while they separate from their caregiver. Sing the song to the caregiver as well, if you feel that some children may benefit from it. Variations Use the last line of the song to highlight concepts that are meaningful to them (for exam- ple, “Good morning to someone whose name begins with A”—in this case, to a child named Ashley). Invite children to take turns leading the song. This song can be used at gathering times, as you give children time to finish individual projects before they are ready to fully transition into the next activity (for example, clean- ing up, gluing the last piece of wood in a collage project, washing hands, etc.). During morning gathering, add information to the words that describe specific children and invite them to guess who you are singing about (for example, “Good morning to someone who likes to play with worms”). Easy Songs for Smooth Transitions in the Classroom COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL