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Copyrighted Material Working at the Car Wash 1 K-inch bushing with ¾-inch pipe threads ¾-inch brass female hose adapter Tools Cordless drill with a V-inch bit Estimated Build Cost It will cost less than $15 to build this project. Directions 1. Cut two 4-foot sections from the first section of pipe. This is another great summer fun idea. Hooked up to the garden hose, this project becomes a drive-through car wash for all riding toys and imaginary vehicles. Kids will love to put on their swimsuits and take turns driving or walking under the falling water. Ages 12 and up Materials Garden hose Two 10-foot sections of 1 K-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe Two 1K-inch Schedule 40 PVC 90-degree elbows Two 1K-inch Schedule 40 PVC wye-fittings 1K-inch pipe connector 3. To build your car wash, select the two wye- fittings and insert a 12-inch pipe into the two parallel holes; these will serve as the project’s feet. 4. Add a pipe cap to the ends of three of the feet. 5. Now insert a 4-foot piece of pipe into the remaining hole of each wye-fitting. 6. Attach a 90-degree elbow to the other end of each 4-foot section. 7. Next connect the two leg sections with the 5-foot pipe. What you have built should look like a large version of the hurdle from chapter 8. mos. Three 1K-inch Schedule 40 PVC caps 2. From the second pipe cut a 5-foot section and four 12-inch sections. 8. The next step is to make the connections needed to hook the unit up to the hose. Insert the bushing into the pipe connector and then screw the brass hose adapter into the bushing. 9. All you have to do now is connect this section to the foot without a cap. This is where you will attach your garden hose when you’re ready to play. 10. You should use PVC cement to permanently attach the feet to the upright pieces and the 90- degree elbows to the cross piece. This will allow you to break the unit down for storage and give it 196 Do-It-Yourself Early Learning Copyrighted Material