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Copyrighted Material Domino Block Set Materials 4-by-8-foot sheet of ½- or X-inch cabinet-grade plywood Sandpaper, 100–120 grit Tools Table saw Electric miter saw Someone comfortable using the above machines Estimated Build Cost Have you ever stood dominos on end so you could topple them? What fun. So much fun that we had to design some blocks that were easier for little fingers to maneuver. The children in our program soon discovered all sorts of other uses for these blocks as well. One sheet of plywood will make 1,024 of these versatile and fun blocks. The children will enjoy each and every one of them. Ages 12 mos. and under A good sheet of plywood will cost between $45 and $75. Don’t try to save money here; make sure you buy good materials or you will end up with poor quality and possibly an unsafe product. We suggest that you share the cost of materials with other early childhood educators and split the resulting blocks. You can also purchase a half sheet of plywood for about three-quarters of the cost. Directions 1. We strongly recommend that you find someone who has a table saw he or she is very comfortable using to cut these blocks for you. This is not a hard project if you have the right tool and know how to use it properly. It is, however, very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. We have shared these blocks with many care providers at conferences, and there have been very few who did not have a friend, neighbor, or family member who would be ready and willing to safely cut blocks for them. Look around and find the help you need. 2. When you, or your volunteer, are ready, the cutting can begin. We want to cut the 4-by-8- foot sheet of plywood into 1,024 pieces that are each 1 W by 2 Y inches. With a sharp blade, rip the plywood into thirty-two 1 W-inch strips. Lightly 194 Do-It-Yourself Early Learning Copyrighted Material