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Copyrighted Material Defer to the instructions that come with the hardware when it comes to pilot-hole size. 5. After drilling all your holes, install the hardware with your screwdrivers. You could use the drill to do this, but the small screws are easy to strip and hard to hold onto while using a power tool. 6. After all the pieces are attached, wipe the whole thing down with a rag to remove any debris; many pieces will be covered with a light coat of oil. 7. This project is easy to use; just put it in front of the kids and step out of the way. They will instinctively start manipulating the hardware. We introduced this activity board to many children and not once were we asked, “How do you use this?” Storage This item will fit nicely on a shelf or in a large tote. What’s Learned This project is great for developing small-motor skills in young children. It also teaches about cause-and-effect relationships while allowing tactile exploration of the materials. Variations Mount the board directly to a wall at child height. Ask older children to practice manipulating the objects with their nondominant hand or even their toes. Activities—Learning Equipment to Build Copyrighted Material 193