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Copyrighted Material Hinge and Latch Board Materials 12-by-24-inch piece of ¾-inch thick wood Assorted hinges, latches, and hooks Tools Cordless drill with V-inch and ¹ \ af-inch bits Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers Pencil Sandpaper, 100-120 grit Rag Estimated Build Cost This project will last nearly forever and it will entertain young children for almost as long. It’s simple: a piece of wood with a variety of hinges, latches, and hooks that they can manipulate. They will love playing with all the moving parts. Ages 18 mos. and up This project should cost you between $15 and $25 to build. Directions 1. Use your sandpaper to make sure the board is smooth and take the time to gently round the edges and corners to prevent splintering. The hardware you select should be small to medium in size; don’t select a huge set of hinges or a giant gate latch. Keep the size of your board in mind when shopping. 2. Next, lay out your assorted hardware to ensure that it all fits and that there is room for its operation. Leave plenty of open space between items. If things are too crowded, children can get confused. You do not want to crowd too many items onto the board. 3. After you are happy with the layout, mark the hole locations with your pencil. 4. The next step is to drill pilot holes for all the screws. This will reduce the risk of splitting your board and make driving the screws easier. The ¹ \ af-inch bit should do the job in most cases, although the larger V-bit might be necessary. 192 Do-It-Yourself Early Learning Copyrighted Material