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Copyrighted Material Jump Ropes We have worked in programs that have included both children and jump ropes for going on twenty years and have found very few jump ropes that will hold up to the use and abuse they receive. Now we know a simple length of rope will make a serviceable and long-lasting jump rope, but we want something with handles, something that looks like a jump rope. The wooden handles crack or splinter after hitting the ground a few times and the plastic ones are usually flimsy or poorly attached. The jump rope described below will stand up very well to lots of jumping and use as a dramatic play prop. Ages Materials W-inch rope Two 4-inch sections of K-inch Schedule 40 PVC Two K-inch Schedule 40 PVC end caps Three K-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe connectors Tools Scissors Cordless drill with W-inch bit Pliers Masking tape Hot-glue gun Estimated Build Cost $15 should buy enough rope (100 feet) and pipe to make fifteen 6-foot jump ropes. If you grab the pipe from your Pipe Construction Set, you can get by with only spending a few dollars on rope. Directions 3 1. We’ll do the hard part first. Drill a W-inch hole through each PVC end cap. Use the pliers to grip the caps firmly as you drill. Do not try to hold the end cap with your hand. The piece will try to spin and you will risk an injury. If you are uncomfortable with this step, ask someone with more power tool experience to do it for you. and up TIP: Make sure children using jump ropes are always well supervised and know not to place the rope around their necks. Play safe. 190 Do-It-Yourself Early Learning Copyrighted Material