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W Acknowledgments e wish to thank all of the children, parents, educators, and colleagues who have been part of the system of infant-toddler centers and preschools in Reggio Emilia and whose educational stories contributed to the development of our way of compiling educational diaries. We particularly wish to acknowledge the children, parents, teachers, and staff at Asilo Nido Arcobaleno whose images grace the pages of this book. We are also deeply appreciative of the support of Reggio Children in creating this volume, especially for the devoted help of Annamaria Mucchi. We received additional support and resources from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and are deeply indebted to our translator, Silvia Betta, for her dedication to the project. Certainly our colleagues who contributed essays deserve a large share of credit for the rich content within this volume, and we also wish to thank participants at many conferences in the United States and Canada who attended sessions at which Laura’s story was presented, accompanied by reflective questions that seemed to inspire intense and stirring discussions. We appreciate the concern and care with which Redleaf Press has approached the editing and production of this book. Finally, we wish to thank all of our colleagues in Italy and around the world whose intellectual friendship has meant so much to us and to our personal and professional growth. [ ix \ DOL-Int_2011-jh 2.indd 9 12/13/11 11:52 AM