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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Contents Foreword by Nancy B. Hertzog, PhD ix Acknowledgments xiii Introduction 1 Chapter 1 Characteristics of Exceptionally Bright Children 7 Chapter 2 Assessment and Identification of Exceptionally Bright Children 17 Chapter 3 Differentiation: Adapting the Curriculum, Teaching Practices, and the Learning Environment 27 Chapter 4 Conversation: Asking Questions and Providing Authentic Feedback 41 Chapter 5 Connection: Helping Children Learn from Each Other 59 Chapter 6 Classroom Strategies for the Early Reader 71 Chapter 7 Classroom Strategies for the Advanced Mathematician 83 Chapter 8 Classroom Strategies for the Young Scientist 97 Chapter 9 Classroom Strategies for Supporting Social-Emotional Development 109 Chapter 10 Working with Parents and Families of Exceptionally Bright Children 119 Appendix A: Recommended Resources for Teachers 125 Appendix B: Resources for Parents and Families 133 References 135 Index 139 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL