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Early Childhood Education / Teaching Methods DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Support exceptionally bright children with strategies that challenge them to think with complexity, depth, and creativity Nearly every group of children includes at least one exceptionally bright child. Your group might include a child who uses sophisticated vocabulary, a child who has an unusual ability to focus on one topic, a child who has already mastered learning outcomes, or a “twice- exceptional” child. This book will help you “Gadzikowski’s extensive knowledge of early understand what it means to be exceptionally childhood education, combined with her experience bright in preschool and prekindergarten in developing enrichment programs for exceptionally bright young learners, results in this must-have and help you guide all children to reach resource for educators. The book offers pedagogically their full potential. It includes three broad sound and practical approaches that educators can strategies—differentiation, conversation, and easily adopt to have an immediate and substantial connection—for creating rich and satisfying impact on students’ development and engagement learning experiences that meet the needs of in learning.” all children. Use these techniques to adapt —Susan Corwith, PhD, associate director of the Center your practices, challenge children to think for Talent Development at Northwestern University more deeply, and create opportunities for children to learn from one another. When exceptionally bright children are supported and challenged, they will be more confident about their abilities to think and learn. And they will go on to make creative contributions to their future classroom communities. Ann Gadzikowski , a graduate of the Erikson Institute, has more than twenty years of experience as an early childhood teacher and program director. She is the early childhood coordinator for the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University and teaches early childhood education courses at Oakton Community College. Visit her website at ISBN 978-1-60554-116-7 1313 L Street NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005-4101 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL NAEYC Item #7217 $34.95