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I 6 Introduction i Your knowledge of the field i The quality of your work i The relationships you develop with others i Your work ethic i Your determination and dedication i Most important, your attitude Everyone in early childhood education is passionate about working with children. Now’s the time to get passionate about how to present yourself to others and represent the early childhood field to society. Using This Book Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals: Being a Professional is divided into six key steps that lay the framework for professionalism in the field. Whether tomorrow is your first day on the job or you’ve been teaching for twenty years, this book can provide a little help. Check out the sections below and look for ways that you and others in your program can be more professional. 1 Look the Part 2 Act the Part 3 Know Your Stuff 4 Be on the Job 5 Save the Comments winning ways 6 Take Care I Self-Assessment Are You a True Early Childhood Professional? Take a quick self-assessment to see how well you are doing as a true early childhood professional. As you read each of the statements below and circle the frequency that best describes your appearance, actions, and attitudes, be honest with yourself. How you think you present yourself to others and how you think you act are not always what others see or experience. In other words, perception is reality. Regardless of your intent, how others view you or interpret your actions is just as important as what you intend.