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I 14 Step 1 What Does an Early Childhood Professional Look Like? There’s not one right way for an early childhood professional to look profes- sional, but it’s interesting to note that most professions have a look. Think about it: business people, nurses, and artists all have a look. We certainly don’t want to generalize about any group of people, but norms of appearance are common in most fields. Is the lack of “What an early childhood educator looks like” a deterrent to professional credibility? Perhaps you need to pay more attention to first impressions and how you present yourself physically. Looking good is only a small part of being profes- sional and gaining credibility. Acting professionally helps you hang on to that credibility. Act the Part is the next step to professionalism. I Optimize Your Knowledge winning ways 1 List three professions other than early childhood education and describe the professional appearance of each occupation. 1 2 3