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Look the Part I 11 Shoes Ever try to catch a preschooler on the run or a toddler darting for the park- ing lot? Having on a pair of “sensible shoes,” as my husband would call them, is an early childhood must. You spend a great deal of time on the go, inside and out. When it comes to shoes, safety counts. Just remember that sensible doesn’t necessarily mean unattractive. What’s the best shoe for the job? Preferably a sneaker or something like it. With so many styles to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding some- thing. What are you looking for? Shoes that i Provide foot support because you are moving about i Have a sole that prevents slipping i Have a soft sole to avoid hurting little fingers on the floor i Fit well i Are flat or have a low heel i Cover the entire foot What shoes should you save for after work? High heels i Flip-flops and sandals i Shoes with slippery soles Name Tags Name tags can add a great deal of professionalism and benefit to any pro- gram. Relationships build more quickly when people can call others by name. It’s your job to know the names of all the children in your care and their par- ents, and you want them to know your name too. Name tags make that easy. Name tags can also i Identify you as an employee i Help other people learn your name more easily i Indicate your job by including your title i Highlight years of experience, degrees, or accreditation i Provide sight words for children being a professional i