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I 6 Introduction i Are open to innovation and change i Recognize that there is usually more than one right way to do things i Discuss concerns and issues i Share successes and accomplishments i Constantly think about, reflect on, and discuss aspects of the team i Help complete less desirable tasks i Give and receive help during difficult times i Expect that there will be periodic tension and conflict to work through i Communicate openly and directly i Trust and respect each other and the work everyone is doing i Take care of themselves winning ways The diversity of early childhood professionals on any team creates a rich environment of care and education. Nonetheless, team members must agree upon and follow certain basic principles and practices. Being a team player means that you must communicate frequently with others and be the best that you can be. When you really care about children, you care about how your team functions, because it takes a team to care for children. If you, as a team player, take responsibility for your actions and professionalism, your team improves. Isn’t that what everyone wants? A group of kindergarten children went on a field trip to NASA to see the space shuttle. On the trip, the children met many different people. “What do you do?” the children asked the engineer. “I help people to go to the moon. I build the spaceships.” Upon seeing an astronaut, the children asked the same question: “What do you do?” The astronaut replied, “I help people go to the moon. I drive the spaceship.” At the end of the day, the children saw a gentleman who was sweeping the floor. Again the children asked, “What do you do?” The janitor replied with pride, “I help people go to the moon.” The children seemed puzzled, and one asked, “But how do you help people go to the moon by sweeping the floor?” The man smiled at the child and said, “Everyone in this building helps people go to the moon. We all do different jobs, but each job is just as important as the others. We need everyone on our team to do a job, or no one could go to the moon.”