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From the Desk of Gigi Schweikert Dear Winning Ways Reader (and Team Player), When I was young, I used to play teacher. I set up a make-believe classroom with learning centers and activities and then carefully placed my stuffed animals and dolls around to represent the children in my class. Looking This is me pre senting. back, I never made my teddy bear the coteacher, my doll the assistant teacher, or my Barbie the director. The only teacher was me. I did anything I wanted and ran the classroom the way I liked. I’m still a little like that—I like to do things my way. Can you relate? Upon entering a real early childhood classroom, I quickly learned that working with other adults is as much a part of the job as working with children, and my way isn’t the only way. Learning to work together as a team was difficult for me and it still is. But now I realize that I can’t care for and educate a group of children all by myself. I think you’ll really enjoy this Winning Ways book about becoming a team player. We’re in this field for the children, and children benefit from having many adults who love and care for them. So these days, I’m more patient with other adults and hope they’ll be that way with me. I try to see the perspective of others and think, “How would I want to be treated?”   After you’ve read Becoming a Team Player, share your thoughts with me about creating a great team. We can all use more ideas on how to get along better with others. E-mail me at Children deserve our Winning Ways,