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Introduction I 15 Good Communication for Us All So whether you are giving or receiving directions, being a team player means taking responsibility and doing your best. What should be done to succeed and create a stronger team? i Read all communication thoroughly. i Ask questions if you don’t understand. i Follow the directions you are given. P Bonus Question 10 Steps to a Winning Team Even if you circled “Always,” be sure to read the corresponding step: there’s always something to learn and improve on. Refer back to your completed self-assessment form as you explore the ten steps to creating a winning team. Let’s get going to create a winning team! becoming a team player Did you see the typo in the self-assessment form? What did seeing a mistake in a published book make you think? Not very professional, right? The first step to creating a winning team is being respectful and professional. As educators, correct spelling and grammar in our written communication are important. They convey our professionalism and advance and maintain our credibility. Have others read over your work before you hand it out. Where was the typo? In question 10, I wrote there when the word should have been they. Did you catch it?