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TRAINING Essentials Complete training curriculum to create S H E D BY ESS LI • A PowerPoint file • A trainer’s guide • Participant handouts R ED PR PUB Each module includes LEAF Scan with your Smartphone to watch an introductory video about Go Green Rating Scale AUTHOR Phil Boise TRAINING Essentials 800-423-8309 Fax: Toll-Free 800-641-0115 (Outside the U.S.: 651-641-0115) Phil Boise is the director of GreenCare or Life, non-profit organization that promotes environmental quality and stewardship in early care, elder care, schools, parks, agriculture, and the home through positive incentives. He is an integrated pest management specialist, a trainer and educator, and has written several guidebooks and training curriculum. Phil graduated from the University of California-Santa Cruz and holds degrees in biology and environmental studies.