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observation, and technology with PowerPoint presentations ESS S H E D BY ESS LI ED LEAF PR ED CD- ROM PR Show educators how to integrate technology throughout the classroom as they help children develop the skills they need to learn and grow. Eight PowerPoint presentations complement the strategies presented in Teaching in the Digital Age. This presentation provides an overview of the developmentally appropriate ways to use technology in the classroom, as well as how it can be used to map curriculum and support, assess, and share children’s learning. A facilitator’s guide is included. CD-ROM. #542256-W $39.95 R L NEW! Teaching in the Digital Age PowerPoint Presentations ED I S H BY R C D - ROM PUB Help early childhood educators and caregivers reflect on their own observation style, learn new techniques, answer provocative questions, and apply their learning to their own work. This PowerPoint presentation covers the key content of each chapter in Focused Observations, Second Edition. The presentation, coupled with the activities in the book, will generate focused and meaningful group discussions about the practices of observing children and documenting their skills. It is ideal for college coursework, staff development sessions, in-service workshops, and staff meetings. CD-ROM. #542249-W $39.95 Explore the benefits of technology PUB NEW! Focused Observations PowerPoint Presentation LEAF Teaching in the Digital Age ESS PR PUB ED LEAF Tips for efficient transitions Routines and Transitions Not just another activity book, this the most comprehensive review of current theory and practice in the area of daily routines and transitions. It is an excellent introduction and training manual for new child care staff and an in-depth refresher course with new insights for experienced caregivers. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 128 pgs. #134101-W $34.95 LI S H E D BY ESS LEAF S H E D BY R ED PR ESS PR PUB S H E D BY ED R R LI LI R Intentional teaching begins with focused observations and systematic documentation of children’s learning and development. This book explains why observation is one of the best methods to get to know each child well, track progress, and plan individualized curriculum. It also provides tools and techniques to help educators strengthen their observations, create portfolios with rich documentation, and support each child. An interactive CD-ROM with nineteen vignettes of children in action provide opportunities to practice observing children and capturing what is seen. Age focus: 2–6. Softbound book, 256 pgs. CD-ROM. #541068-W $69.95 CD- OM PUB NEW! Focused Observations, Second Edition Create and capture meaningful experiences, support inquiry, and expand classroom walls by integrating technology throughout the curriculum. This comprehensive framework provides guidance to help educators select and use a variety of technology and interactive media tools. It reflects Technology in Early Childhood Programs, the joint position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center. Age focus: 3–8. Softbound, 272 pgs. #541181-W $39.95 LEAF 800-423-8309