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events with self-training workbooks Understanding Infants Understanding Preschoolers Learn about development during the first year and provide infants with security, comfort, and stability. This workbook helps educators and caregivers gain insight into the amazing capabilities of infants, learn about their development, create a more infant- appropriate routine and program, and provide them with security, comfort, and stability as they explore and learn with confidence. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. #541396-W $19.95 Understand preschooler development and help them learn, grow, and reach their full potential. This workbook helps educators and caregivers see the world through a preschooler’s eyes so that they can better teach children. They will learn how to create a more preschooler-appropriate routine and program, respond to and guide children in effective ways, and develop a deeper appreciation of their unique personalities and temperaments. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 84 pgs. each. #541419-W $19.95 ESS L ED I S H BY R ED PR PUB Each workbook includes a Certificate of Achievement Understand the complex—yet amazing—toddler years and help children develop new skills. This workbook helps educators and caregivers navigate the toddler years and gain a better understanding of their growth and development. They will improve their interactions with children by responding to their individual needs, find out how to create a routine and environment that keeps toddlers safe as they explore and learn, and assist them as they develop self-help skills such as toileting, dressing, and eating. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. #541402-W $19.95 LEAF S H E D BY ED R Understanding Toddlers and Twos LI ESS LEAF PUB R ED PR S H E D BY ESS LI PR PUB Filled with practical tips, self-assessments, exercises, and reflection questions LEAF Set 2 Assorted Pack One copy each of Understanding Infants, Understanding Toddlers and Twos, and Understanding Preschoolers. #541426-W $19.95 AUTHOR Gigi Schweikert Gigi Schweikert is a popular speaker at early childhood conferences and seminars and has worked with children and early childhood professionals in a variety of settings. She’s known for her humor, enthusiasm, realistic advice, and knowledge in her writing, consulting, and trainings. 800-423-8309