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Complement your professional development Fax: Toll-Free 800-641-0115 (Outside the U.S.: 651-641-0115) Passion for working with children is a cornerstone for educators and caregivers, but early childhood professionals also need to look the part, act the part, and keep a positive attitude. Whether it is their first day on the job or they have years of experience, professionalism is essential for success as educators work with children, their families, and colleagues. This resource will help early childhood staff members present themselves as the professionals that they are. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 72 pgs. each. #549993-W $19.95 S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI LEAF ED PR ESS S H E D BY LEAF Being a team player is not always easy, but it is necessary as an early childhood professional. When everyone is committed to being part of a strong team, programs are more functional and loving places where children thrive. This resource will help educators and caregivers work more effectively with their colleagues and contribute to supportive work environments. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 88 pgs. each. #549995-W $19.95 Set 1 Assorted Pack LI S H E D BY ESS Being a Professional Becoming a Team Player LI ED PR PUB ESS PR LEAF Strong partnerships with families create a better environment for children to learn and grow. This resource addresses the realities of working with families and provides effective steps to help educators and caregivers initiate and maintain efforts as they build mutually respectful relationships. It will help early childhood professionals collaborate with families, which leads to better care for children. Pack of three softbound workbooks, 80 pgs. each. #549994-W $19.95 R ED Partnering with Families R 800-423-8309 S H E D BY R TRAINING Essentials LI R Filled with practical tips, self- assessments, reflection questions, and helpful information, the Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals series is a must-have for everyone who works with children. These workbooks are ideal for new and veteran educators in professional development sessions and staff training, as well as new hires in orientation. They can also be used to equip career seekers and early childhood education students in colleges and universities with the knowledge and confidence they need to successfully work in the field. PUB Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals This professional development workbook helps recently promoted classroom teachers transition from guiding young children to supporting and supervising staff members. Eight supervisory concepts are presented to help enhance and improve leadership skills, including admitting the role of supervisor, helping adults succeed, creating a culture that encourages input and allows for mistakes, motivating adults through delegation, communicating honestly, following through, staying connected, and setting the tone. Using this workbook will encourage, empower, and equip the new supervisor with knowledge and confidence to work effectively with other adults. Softbound, 120 pgs. #542454-W $14.95 PUB NEW! Becoming a Supervisor PUB TRAINING Essentials LEAF One copy each of Being a Professional, Partnering with Families, and Becoming a Team Player. #549996-W $19.95