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Create safe, healthy, and fun places for children to grow and learn #542515-X CD- ROM S H E D BY ESS LI ED PR PUB Focused Observations, Second Edition #541068-X $69.95 R Intentional teaching begins with focused observations and systematic documentation of children’s learning and development. This second edition is filled with tools and techniques designed to help you purposefully observe children, create portfolios with rich documentation, and plan curriculum that supports every child. Discussion questions, observation practice exercises, and reflection assignments are included, as well as a CD- ROM with classroom vignettes to practice observation and documentation techniques. Age focus: 2–6. Softbound, 256 pgs. CD- ROM. NEW from Redleaf Press NEW! Focus your observations of children and explore rich documentation LEAF $69.95 NEW! PowerPoint presentation ESS R PR PUB S H E D BY ED LEAF #542010-X $29.95 NEW! 7 complete PowerPoint training presentations CD- ROM Create high-quality, engaging environments for school- age children to meet their developmental needs and support their learning. This book outlines the many aspects of physical, temporal, and interactive environments to consider as you manage programs that are safe, nurturing, exciting, and welcoming. Ideas, strategies, and realistic approaches that work within your afterschool program’s constraints and unique needs are included. Age focus: 5–12. Softbound, 240 pgs. Available July 2013. E D BY ED PR ESS SH LI R Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources #541648-X $79.95 PUB Introduce the components of wellness to your program’s staff members, families, and stakeholders. Printable handouts and resource flyers are included. CD-ROM. ESS NEW! Manage safe, welcoming afterschool programs Evaluate and improve your program with a series of checklists covering six components of wellness. Age focus: 0–5. Softbound, 312 pgs. LI LEAF LEAF NEW! Integrate wellness throughout your child care program Healthy Children, Healthy Lives #540818-X $29.95 ED #542546-X $44.95 ESS ED S H E D BY PR PUB S H E D BY LI R LI R Focused Observations PowerPoint Presentation #542249-X $39.95 CD- ROM Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow! #541228-X $44.95 PR Available April 2013. PUB Complementing and supporting each chapter of Focused Observations, Second Edition, this presentation is perfect for staff development and early childhood courses. CD-ROM. LEAF Shop Online at 7