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Think Small recognizes with gratitude the financial support and time volunteered by the following. Thank you! Rhoda and Don Mains Deborah Saul Donald and Anne McCarthy Emily Seesel Gayle and Jack McJunkin Phil and Barbara Shively Malcolm and Wendy McLean Scott F. Singer Sandra A. Myers James Skjong If we have overlooked anyone or made an error, please notify us by calling our development office at 651-641-3545 or emailing Charles Nauen and P.J. Pofahl in honor of Judy Schumacher John Skogmo Howard and Martha Newton Jacqueline M. Spies Steven and Katherine Onken Marc and Rita Standig Todd Otis in memory of Philip Otis Melba and Paul Thompson Bruce and Mary Jane Pappas Donors Betsy Pearson in honor of Greg Pearson James and Joanne C. Smith Ryvelle Tilsner Ms. Shirley Tulberg Marian and George Vagher Greg Pearson Vallay Moua Varro Dr. Peter Pearson and Lynn Pearson Peg and Doug Wangensteen Allen Ware Bruce and Lisa Peilen David Wark in honor and love for the work Mary Ann has done for Think Small Daniel R. Pennie INDIVIDUAL DONORS Salvatore Silvestri Franco Clea Galhano Sandra and Edward Abramson in honor of Mary Ann Barrows Wark Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gloeb David Allen and Ethel McConaghy in memory of Kathie Pennie Darlene Gorrill Anonymous Thomas Amatruda and Lynne Morishita in honor of Mary Ann Barrows Wark Leon and Kitty Goodrich in memory of Kathie Pennie Rob Grunewald Roxane and Stephen Gudeman Mark and Jane Heille Jon Jacka Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Bedard James E. Johnson and Lucy Rosenberry Jones Janet Bisbee Rob and Kris Johnson Trent and Blain and Heidi Brown Rhoda and Paul Redleaf Camilla Reiersgord Jacqueline and Peter Reis Gail and Joel Roberts in honor of Rhoda Redleaf Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wattenberg Ms. Barbara Weingarden Carol and Sanford Weisberg in honor of Mary Ann Barrows Wark’s Birthday Dr. and Mrs. Irwin D. Weisman Bill and Carol Weber Rohde Mr. John W. Windhorst, Jr. Kelly and Mike Romano Linda and David Woessner Ken and Nina Rothchild John and Marilyn Wolkerstorfer Hunter Saklad Ann Wynia Jodi Sandfort and Steve Marchese Barbara Yates Robert Katz Alice J. Bloedoorn Robert Bullard and Gerry Bullard Elizabeth D. Sarsfield in honor and memory of Beanie Julie Zeuli in honor of Michael Zeuli Carleen M. Kerttula and David Stauffer Peter and Mary Kiedrowski Mary Dooley Burns Jean King and Stuart Appelbaum Judith Canedy Mary Klas Sylvia O. Carty Paul Koerber Lorrayne Christianson Beverly Larson Sage Cowles Eva and Robert Launer Mark Cross Karen L. and Randy R. Lee Mary Cummings Linda J. Lee Humphrey Doermann Stanley and Suzanne Leonard in memory of Joy Rosen Lee and John Driscoll Robert and Kathie Dybdal David E. Feinberg Anne and Charles Ferrell Lindsey Fish Thomas Fish Erna Fishhaut Caroline and Dutton Foster page 12 Ida Rapoport Stanley and Suzanne Leonard in honor of Rhoda Redleaf Allen and Nancy Levine Mark Lofthus and Marian Blattner Mark and Sally Lorberbaum in honor of Mary Ann Barrows Wark’s Birthday Connie Otis, Mary Ann Barrows Wark, and nearly 100 other supporters, community leaders and advocates attended January’s celebration event at Think Small.