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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “As someone who prepares initial early childhood educators, I have thought a lot about how to appropriately address the use of technology with young children. I even have to admit a bias related to its use, partly because of my own lack of skills and comfort level with technology, and largely because I did not know how to ensure that our undergraduate students learn to use technology with young children in an intentional and appropriate way. Brian’s book not only addressed my concerns, but also provided me with guidance and a wealth of ideas as to how to use various technologies to enhance learning for young children. There is a balance, but it was unfair of me to not consider the limitless potential that technology has for young children because I lacked the necessary knowledge. When reading Brian’s book, it also occurred to me that in order to provide all children with the necessary prerequisite skills, comfort level, and ability to use technology in their future, we need to support them in using it in a meaningful and controlled way when they are in our care. Not all children will have access to the technology that can either level the play- ing field or cause further achievement gaps. Used in the appropriate ways that Brian describes, we can provide young children with one of the keys to future personal/social, academic and professional success. I am ready to ‘embrace the uncertainty’ and change the way I teach. The forms that Brian provided are par- ticularly helpful in taking that first step in using technology to enhance learning in an appropriate way. There is so much I could say about Brian’s book. It is engaging, easy to follow, and, as the reader, I often felt that I was right there in the classroom as he was teaching. The scenes he describes bring to life the content and message of the book. I remember when Brian traveled to Australia and was able to conduct some undergraduate research. When I reached chapter two, I had to smile at the refer- ence to a content unit on Australia for four-year-olds brought to life through dramatic play and other centers. Brian brings his personal experiences to his teaching and then, with technology, is able to make the world an even smaller place. I also so appreciate that he is intent on using technology (photos, video clips, etc.) to dispel biases rather than perpetuate them.” —Barbara Gander, Early Childhood Education Faculty, University of Wisconsin–La Crosse COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL