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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “Every day, teachers consider students’ needs and set learning goals, and then choose the best tools—water or sand, crayons or paints, words or images. Brian Puerling lays out a realistic yet innovative framework for integrating technol- ogy among those tools—clear-eyed about not only the when, where, and how, but most importantly the why. I predict well-worn and marked-up copies of Teaching in the Digital Age in early learning centers, elementary classrooms, and Ed schools.” —David W. Kleeman, President, American Center for Children and Media “I know firsthand how Brian Puerling’s insightfulness and creativity enhanced my children’s learning and inspired them for future growth. Teaching in the Digital Age provides a roadmap on how to use technology in the classroom for teachers and parents alike, which can lead to a fun, exciting, and personal educational experience for impressionable young minds. This book demon- strates the value of allowing creativity and exploration to exist in both school and home.” —Jonathan Harris, parent “Often our students are more comfortable with technology than we are as adults. In Teaching in the Digital Age, Brian Puerling takes the sometimes daunting idea of using technology in meaningful ways with young children and makes it look not just achievable for teachers, but something all students deserve. Brian skillfully mixes practical advice, thoughtful rationale, authentic classroom scenarios, the voices of experts and colleagues, and his own exper- tise to provide teachers with a vision for how technology can be used seam- lessly in a classroom. Brian builds on children’s natural interest in technology and combines it with effective instructional strategies to give you a vision for what high-quality learning can look like. You will learn more than just how to use technology to enhance learning. You will learn how to create engaging, high-quality learning environments and learning experiences for all children.” —Matt Glover, Educational Consultant and Author COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL